How & Why

By implementing the Greater Downtown Dayton Plan.


Because the health and vitality of the entire region are inexorably linked to that of Greater Downtown.

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Focus Areas & Progress

Jobs & Business Development

Job creation, growth and retention are the crux of the Greater Downtown Dayton Plan. Greater Downtown has many strengths that can be leveraged for future growth, including a convenient location with easy access to transportation networks, colleges and universities, and … Continued

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Arts & Entertainment

A vibrant, diverse and thriving downtown requires a strong arts community and a variety of entertainment options. The arts, along with entertainment, cultural and historic amenities draw crowds to our center city and have a multimillion dollar economic impact on … Continued

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Residents keep a city humming around the clock, creating a dynamic sense of place unique to any other area in the region. More than 2,000 people call downtown Dayton home, and the number of residents is growing every day. The Plan … Continued

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Enhancing streets, sidewalks, parks, transit and other public spaces and services is key to creating a Greater Downtown where it’s easy for all citizens to not only have an active lifestyle, but access to jobs and amenities. Greater Downtown is … Continued

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Rivers & Active Lifestyles

Downtown is growing as a regional recreation destination and bike-friendly city. Creating a city where it’s easy to have an active lifestyle is a critical strategy in the Plan since more people are looking for new ways to enjoy the … Continued

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Reports & Other Documents

Much work has been done as volunteers from throughout our community and staff from the public and private sectors continue to spend a great deal of time implementing the Plan’s strategies. Our Plan Progress Reports provide a summary of recent … Continued

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42,000 employees. 20,000 residents. 40,000 students. More than 7 million visitors every year.

This is Greater Downtown Dayton.